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Extended Demo Test – Choose Questions Yourself

This is a live example of using our free User Choice add-on for WatuPRO

WatuPRO Related

These questions will help you learn how the plugin works and what you can do with it. We'll keep things simple, so have fun. Most of the answers can be found on our features page.

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General Questions

Here are just some general questions that demonstrate what kinds of questions you can create with WatuPRO.

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Purchase & Support

The questions on this page will help you learn about purchasing, the support provided, upgrades etc.

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Sample Timed Quiz

This is a simple timed quiz with 3 questions. Each question has two hints which can help you answering.

You are however allowed to use up to two hints total for the whole quiz. So use your hints wisely!

This quiz must be completed in 3 minutes.

Exam With Dependency

This exam requires registration and depends on the result of Basic Exam.
In order to take this exam you must first have completed Basic Exam and achieved at least 3 points.
Multiple dependencies like this can be added to every exam that requires user authorization.

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Test in Practice Mode

This exam illustrates how WatuPRO Intelligence module “Practice mode” works. It lets you try the questions as many times as you wish, and immediately receive the answer. ┬áThere is no grade calculated and Practice mode attempts are not stored in the database.┬áJust go ahead and try it yourself:

Please go to Test in Practice Mode to view this test

Exams in practice mode continue indefinitely as long as the user wants to practice.