Test in Practice Mode

This exam illustrates how WatuPRO Intelligence module “Practice mode” works. It lets you try the questions as many times as you wish, and immediately receive the answer. ┬áThere is no grade calculated and Practice mode attempts are not stored in the database.┬áJust go ahead and try it yourself:

What are the extra features that Intelligence module adds to WatuPRO?

Exams in practice mode continue indefinitely as long as the user wants to practice.

2 thoughts on “Test in Practice Mode

  1. In Practice Mode When the user clicks “submit” Can I:
    1. Show the question again with all of the possible answers
    2. For each answer they gave, show an “x” or “checkmark”, with no indication of right or wrong for unanswered questions
    3. Assign a score to each answer with possible negative scores as is shown in another demo
    4. Number 3 is needed to ensure that, even though this is just for practice, that they have answered a required number of questions correctly before they are allowed to proceed to a next lesson — And so I would need to be able to have your plugin provide this score to my PHP code — Is this possible?
    5. Provide a Comment if their Andrew to a question is wrong, so that they can refer to training materials to find the correct answer.

    Lastly, are all of the question types show in other demos available in Practice mode, including the Sorting and Matching question types?

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